The Great #WhyILoveTheJ Facebook Contest!

A while back, our fabulous members had a chance to tell us why they loved the MNjcc.  The answers were inspiring, touching, and heart-felt.  So I decided I wanted to hear from the staff.  I wanted to know why they loved working at the MNjcc, and the reasons were again; so inspiring, touching and heart-felt that I wanted to share them with as many people as possible.  So I turned it into a Facebook contest.  Each day, one reason was posted on our facebook page.  The reason with the most “likes” and comments won.

Now that all the reasons have been posted and a winner officially announced, I thought I would share them all with you, in a neatly compiled list.

There’s 14 reasons in this particular list- as a reader, member, student, patron or guest, if you have a reason that you love our JCC that you would like to add, leave it in the comments!  It makes me happy to come to work every day knowing that I’m surrounded by happy and grateful people!

Reason #1 (posted Thursday, April 7th): “I love my job because I get to see little children parade through the lobby and put smiles on everyone’s faces”

Reason #2 (posted Friday, April 8th): “Because it’s ours”

Reason #3 (posted Sunday, April 10th): “I love working here because when everything else in my life makes me miserable, coming to work with all these wonderful people makes me happy…. if only for the remainder of my shift”

Reason #4 (posted Monday, April 11th): “I love the baby parade! The teeny, tiny toddlers come downstairs from the daycare and waddle into the lobby and out into the playground. They are so adorable. They remind me that the JCC really is for all ages! ”

Reason #5 (posted Monday, April 11th): “I love my job ‘cause of all the awesome-fantastic people I get to work with!”

Reason #6 (posted Tuesday, April 12th): “I love working at the J because it’s the friendliest environment I’ve ever worked in.  I feel right at home with the staff, the members and volunteers.  It’s a great place to work and play (fitness) and be entertained.”

Reason #7 (posted Tuesday, April 12th): “I love working at the J because everyone is family- without the dysfunction!”

Reason #8 (posted Wednesday, April 13th): “I love my job because everyone here works as a team. Everyone wants to help everyone else out and never makes anyone feel that they are a burden”

Reason #9 (posted Wednesday, April 13th): “I love working at the J because my colleagues are some of the warmest, friendliest individuals I’ve ever met!”

Reason #10 (posted Thursday, April 14th): “The reason why I love working at the JCC is the staff. The people I work with are the best the JCC has. The passion and dedication everyone puts in their work is noticeable. Adding to that, everyone has a hidden or not so hidden talent that makes this place very special!”

Reason #11 (posted Thursday, April 14th): “I love surprising people when I greet them by name out in the “real world”! I like to say “Hi, how are you doing!” to Members in local supermarkets, clothing stores, bike shops, you name it….after they recognize me in my civvies, they say “Hi” right back and can’t believe that I remember them outside of the gym!”

Reason #12 (posted Friday, April 15th): “Right as I got to work this morning I heard a mother scream: ‘No! No French kissing your sister!’, and then got offered free kosher pastries by two different people. I love my job.”

Reason #13 (posted Sunday, April 17th): “I love my job at the MNjcc because of the array of extraordinary people I work with. I collaborate with the most interesting, talented, patient and funny people I’ve ever met.  I also love my job because I feel like I get to engage directly with my community.”

Reason #14 (posted Monday, April 18th): “I heard somewhere that it takes a community to raise a child.  That is just what I get working at the MNjcc.  My daughter and I are surrounded by a wonderful, supportive and caring community family.  And that’s why I LOVE working here!”



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4 responses to “The Great #WhyILoveTheJ Facebook Contest!

  1. Sherry

    No offense, but this is a really boring blog. I would prefer to read about someone’s personal experience. Not FOURTEEN (similar) reasons why employees love the J! Also, as people were asked to ‘vote’ on the best reason, that may have even persuaded the employee to make up stuff to make their reason ‘bigger and better’.
    If you’re stuck on doing stuff like this, don’t list 14. Stick with top 5. Less is more.
    C’mon JCC – you can do better than this!

  2. Sherry

    PS – and the fact that my comment is ‘awaiting moderation’ is another no-no. It just tells me that the JCC is not being transparent. A good blog allows ALL comments (positive and negative).

    • Maytal

      Awwww, I loved reading all the staff reasons they love their job! No one ever asks staff what they love about their place of employment, it’s so often focused on the members/clients/patrons. What a morale booster for anyone feeling down about their work- especially on these cloudy, gloomy days!!!
      It’s too bad comments have to be moderated, huh? I wish you could always trust people and rely on never having spam on a blog. With the good comes the bad I guess, right?

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for commenting on our post – we really appreciate the feedback! In response to your concerns about the fact that our staff may have been persuaded to make up reasons why they love working here for a contest, we can assure you that staff who participated really do feel this way. The MNjcc is very fortunate to have a passionate, dedicated team of individuals who enjoy working here. Comments were similar simply because it’s true – we love it here! We also foster a sense of inclusion among our staff – hence the reason we chose to post all reasons. This is our second blog post ever to our new blog and we’re pretty proud of the personal angle of our first post and of the personal experiences that our staff members were willing to share.

    As for the moderation of comments – most blogs that are completely open to the public do tend towards comment moderation. We moderate for many reasons, the primary one being to guard against spam and potentially inappropriate content. Our audience is important to us and we don’t want to open them up to spam comments before they get to the genuine thoughts of fellow readers – positive or negative. Here at the MNjcc, we do believe in transparency, but we also believe that reading our blog should be a pleasurable, spam-free experience.

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