Colin’s Corner – Week Three!

Week 3 was a pretty successful week when considering exercise: I was able to make both Eliana’s Flow Yoga on Tuesday, and Janet’s Power Yoga on Thursday; I performed 25 minutes of cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I worked out with weights on Wednesday and Friday.

My nutrition was very healthy for the entire week… until Saturday! We attended my aunt’s 65th birthday party, and the food offerings were delicious, yet high calorie. I know that I should be telling you that I resisted the chips and dip, but … I didn’t. I’d love to say that I skipped the cheese platter, but… I didn’t. The thing is, based on all the exercise I performed during the week, I was able to indulge a little bit. I haven’t slipped backward in my weight loss goals based on the weekends over indulgences, but I didn’t progress any further forward, either. Writing this blog is forcing me to stay real with myself by reporting honestly on my health habits!

This week’s workout was strictly weights. No debilitating circuits this week, just pure, straightforward pumping iron:


3 x 15 flat bench

2 x 12 incline bench


3 x 6 chinups

2 x 12 Lat pulldowns

2 x 12 seated row


3 x 12 deadlifts


3 x 10 biceps curls on incline bench

3 x 10 cable curls narrow grip


3 x 10 overhead triceps extensions

3 x 10 triceps rope pressdowns


3 x 15 side shoulder raises

3 x 15 rear shoulder raises

3 x 10 shoulder presses


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