Colin’s Corner – Week Five!

It was a somber ride to work this morning on the TTC as we passed through Dupont station. Yesterday, a TTC fare collector was shot through the protective glass of his booth by a would-be robber. 52 year old William Anderson survived the shooting, but is recovering from his injuries at St. Michael’s hospital. What a terrible thing!

If there’s anything that is life affirming, it’s realizing that we don’t have forever to do what we want to do in our lives. It’s a mistake to think that we can continue to put off important projects to a later date, because that later date may never come…

So, I’m feeling enthused by last week’s re-assessment results. While the fact that I’ve been very dedicated to exercise has no doubt been a big factor in losing 6 pounds and 2 % body fat in 4 weeks, I can’t discount the huge role my food choices have played in my progress as well. Monica has been very supportive in helping me make the right food choices every day. Salads, salads, salads have been on the menu every day at least onece, often twice – lunch and dinner. While sticking to salads as a staple is a great way to stay healthy, I have to admit that there are times that I have cravings for less than healthy things. What do you do then?! Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve gone online and researched what those choices could mean for me, and for my fitness goals. Let’s take for example, say, french fries (who doesn’t enjoy a handful of fries now and then?). Below are listed the total calories, total fat, and total sodium content of fried potatoes, vs. baked / roasted potatoes. It’s easy to see that skipping the fries and having a baked potato is far better for me in the long run. And then I won’t have to run as long to burn the extra calories!

French fries, restaurant prepared

Serving: 20 strips

Nutrient Value

Calories 315

Total fat 16.6

Sodium  216


Potato, baked

Serving: 1 potato (12cm x 6cm dia)

Nutrient Value

Calories 145.1

Total fat 0.2

Sodium  7.8



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2 responses to “Colin’s Corner – Week Five!

  1. Sean

    Simply home cooking is a health revelation. No salt is easy. No packaged food means …no salt or hidden impurities..Good blogpost Colin. Keep it up.

  2. Monica

    It’s what’s for dinner! (salad.). Great blog! Keep it up!

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