Colin’s Corner – Week 9!

Circuit training. What is it? It’s a great way to improve your cardio and burn fat! I have been drawn to circuit training workouts lately for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it’s a highly efficient use of time. You can really pack a lot of activity into a 20 minute circuit training workout. The other is that I find I can’t focus on heavy resistance training as much any more because it creates all kinds of nagging pains in my body. Performing 4 sets of heavy bench presses wreaks havoc on my wrists, for example. A third reason why I’m using circuit training more and more is that is really, really fun! By changing things up frequently within the workout, you never get bored.

Below is a very effective circuit workout. If you have any questions about any of the exercises, shoot me an email at

20 Minute Circuit Workout

(*choose light weights for max reps)

1) Bench press* or pushups – max in 1:00
2) Squats – max in 1:00
3) Pullups or pulldowns – 1:00
4) Bike or jog – 3:00
5) Military press* – 1:00
6) Lunges – 1:00 each leg
7) Bicep curls – 1:00
8) Bike or jog – 3:00
9) Tricep extensions.- 1:00
10) Leg ext – 1:00 (requires leg machines – or repeat squats with weights)
11) Leg curls – 1:00 (requires leg machines – or repeat lunges with weights)
12) Situps – 2:00
13) Crunches – 2:00
14) Stretch


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