Colin’s Corner – Week Ten!

Sigh… this was a tough week. After a fairly short illness, I had to put my beautiful dog down. I had Rya for almost 10 years, and she was a wonderful companion on long walks, short walks, rollerblading, camping trips, trips to the lake, trips to a cottage, and generally any outdoor activity you can engage in. Not only did she get me outdoors and burning calories, she was always happy to share in junk food, thereby reducing my intake… For any of you who have been out on one of my monthly urban hikes, you will have met Rya, and will know what a really special dog she was. She’ll be missed…

I want to share with you a debate I had with my wife Monica the other day. She was insistent that I eat my salad after I was already full from eating a *large* turkey burger. I maintain that by putting a thick slice of tomato, two pieces of lettuce, and a couple slices of red onion on the burger, it was basically like having a salad. She said that that only counts as one serving, and is not enough. Who agrees with me? Who agrees with Monica? Thoughts, comments?


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  1. Monica de Savoye

    I just saw this now!! And I say, ALWAYS eat the SALAD. You can never get enough veggies and greens. Even if you come back to the salad an hour or so after dinner, get it in ya! It’s goodness for LIFE. 🙂

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