The Summer Institute for Creative Adults!

SICA has come and gone, but fear not, it will be back next year! Read the account below, by Adi Braun – one of our wonderful SICA leaders. Watch our website for info on SICA 2013!


July 20th, 2012 – something is terribly wrong this morning! What on earth could it be? Ah – I know – I am not at SICA today – that’s what’s wrong! It’s amazing how we are creatures of habit, and how showing up daily to be with the same group of fantastic people can become addictive J. And although I know that addictions are not good….the need for human expression and the seeking of community and communion is great! Such was my experience at SICA – the Summer Institute for Creative Adults at the JCC in Toronto.


In a wonderful interplay of courage and trust, of adventures and making new friends and exploring our hearts through music, our spirits were lifted higher and soared because when one human uplifts another we make our existence more meaningful and beautiful.


To everyone at SICA – from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU for this week of complete magic and transformation!







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