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Heart-Warming Testimonials

It’s getting warmer, the sun is out (well, sometimes…) and we’re all feeling pretty happy around here so we thought, why not spread the love?  Here are some kind words that others have had to say about us!

Dave Scott, Nursery Parent:

Cathy,  thank you for leading such a wonderful event yesterday!  As a gentile 🙂  I am unfamiliar with all the holidays and events that are recognized and celebrated by the Jewish people, and it has been enlightening and educational and has enriched our lives!   I was so proud of Lily yesterday, but to hear how proud you and your staff were of her speaks to the dedication of your staff. We constantly talk about how wonderful the JCC is and particularly the Nursery School, you and your AMAZING staff have been fantastic and we are lucky that Lily is involved at the JCC Nursery School.

Elliot Rovan, Winner of March Madness:

Wow! I never win anything except when my daughter’s involved! So naturally I had to take her to the Raptor game since I won the tickets by signing her for March Madness.

 The seats were great, the roast beef sandwiches went done well at half time, and the Raptor girls enthralled us.

Although the Raptors were playing without 5 of their better players they dominated the New Jersey Nets for the first 3 quarters and had a 21 point lead. They ran out of gas in the 4th quarter and the lead dissipated to 4 with two minutes to go but Jarryd Baycliss managed to curtail the collapse and the Raptors prevailed 99-92 against a lousy New Jersey team.

Thanks to all concerned.

Mariana Katz, Member:

Hi Ellen! I hope this message finds you well. I needed to write to you and share some thoughts as I have spent almost 5-6 days a week at the JCC for one reason or another (my son does a ton of stuff there, I am doing a lot for the Board at DJCS and Joan, and now I have a personal trainer there twice a week and Ethan’s school uses the facilities a lot). There are some things you need to know:

  1. I am a very very hard customer to please. I have spent my career fixing organizations to make them run better more cost-efficiently, more client centered etc etc. On top of that I am a perfectionist so I notice every thing that is not done with attention to detail (yes try living with me! :)).
  2. I don’t think I have ever been to an organization (except for one restaurant in Toronto that is consistently excellent in service and food) where there was consistency of service and organizational culture. I experience bouts of incidents of good service but that is the exception.

So here is what you need to know! EVERY SINGLE staff member at the JCC that I have dealt with always impresses me. Each and every one of them always goes above and beyond their job spec to do more and better for their clients. From the front desk to the fitness staff to my amazing trainer (Pippa Lubek who thanks to her I joined the JCC even though I am a member at the Yorkville club!).  I emailed some feedback to Jason about the children’s programs not only did he call back and told me what they were changing as a result of my feedback he even thanked me! When the front staff don’t know the answer they call you later to give you the answer always with a smile. Everyone is always in a good mood and appear happy to work there.

I could go on with many more observations but I won’t bore you.

Sooo you need to know that whatever it is that you and your team are doing is superb! And you should go and run Air Canada next! Now there is a company who has no clue about service!

Do you have your own special MNjcc story?  We’d love to hear from you!  Contact tawnyaz@mnjcc.org to find out how to contribute YOUR voice to our blog!


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The Great #WhyILoveTheJ Facebook Contest!

A while back, our fabulous members had a chance to tell us why they loved the MNjcc.  The answers were inspiring, touching, and heart-felt.  So I decided I wanted to hear from the staff.  I wanted to know why they loved working at the MNjcc, and the reasons were again; so inspiring, touching and heart-felt that I wanted to share them with as many people as possible.  So I turned it into a Facebook contest.  Each day, one reason was posted on our facebook page.  The reason with the most “likes” and comments won.

Now that all the reasons have been posted and a winner officially announced, I thought I would share them all with you, in a neatly compiled list.

There’s 14 reasons in this particular list- as a reader, member, student, patron or guest, if you have a reason that you love our JCC that you would like to add, leave it in the comments!  It makes me happy to come to work every day knowing that I’m surrounded by happy and grateful people!

Reason #1 (posted Thursday, April 7th): “I love my job because I get to see little children parade through the lobby and put smiles on everyone’s faces”

Reason #2 (posted Friday, April 8th): “Because it’s ours”

Reason #3 (posted Sunday, April 10th): “I love working here because when everything else in my life makes me miserable, coming to work with all these wonderful people makes me happy…. if only for the remainder of my shift”

Reason #4 (posted Monday, April 11th): “I love the baby parade! The teeny, tiny toddlers come downstairs from the daycare and waddle into the lobby and out into the playground. They are so adorable. They remind me that the JCC really is for all ages! ”

Reason #5 (posted Monday, April 11th): “I love my job ‘cause of all the awesome-fantastic people I get to work with!”

Reason #6 (posted Tuesday, April 12th): “I love working at the J because it’s the friendliest environment I’ve ever worked in.  I feel right at home with the staff, the members and volunteers.  It’s a great place to work and play (fitness) and be entertained.”

Reason #7 (posted Tuesday, April 12th): “I love working at the J because everyone is family- without the dysfunction!”

Reason #8 (posted Wednesday, April 13th): “I love my job because everyone here works as a team. Everyone wants to help everyone else out and never makes anyone feel that they are a burden”

Reason #9 (posted Wednesday, April 13th): “I love working at the J because my colleagues are some of the warmest, friendliest individuals I’ve ever met!”

Reason #10 (posted Thursday, April 14th): “The reason why I love working at the JCC is the staff. The people I work with are the best the JCC has. The passion and dedication everyone puts in their work is noticeable. Adding to that, everyone has a hidden or not so hidden talent that makes this place very special!”

Reason #11 (posted Thursday, April 14th): “I love surprising people when I greet them by name out in the “real world”! I like to say “Hi, how are you doing!” to Members in local supermarkets, clothing stores, bike shops, you name it….after they recognize me in my civvies, they say “Hi” right back and can’t believe that I remember them outside of the gym!”

Reason #12 (posted Friday, April 15th): “Right as I got to work this morning I heard a mother scream: ‘No! No French kissing your sister!’, and then got offered free kosher pastries by two different people. I love my job.”

Reason #13 (posted Sunday, April 17th): “I love my job at the MNjcc because of the array of extraordinary people I work with. I collaborate with the most interesting, talented, patient and funny people I’ve ever met.  I also love my job because I feel like I get to engage directly with my community.”

Reason #14 (posted Monday, April 18th): “I heard somewhere that it takes a community to raise a child.  That is just what I get working at the MNjcc.  My daughter and I are surrounded by a wonderful, supportive and caring community family.  And that’s why I LOVE working here!”


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Hello world!

We are the Miles Nadal JCC.

Each person that enters our doors at 750 Spadina Ave, each person that works here; at the information desk, in the fitness centre, at the Al Green Theatre, as a programmer, has a voice.  And the Miles Nadal JCC blog is where these voices come together so that you can hear the thoughts and musings that lie within each of us.

We hope that you’ll stop by often, contribute your voice, and help us enhance and expand upon the blogging experience.

Have something you want to say?  Want to write a blog post?  We invite you to share!  You can send posts to socialize@mnjcc.org.  Be sure to include a short bio and headshot! (Bio should be around 130 words.)  All posts are subjected to review and editing by the social media team.  Any changes made to your post will be sent to you for review prior to posting.  We cannot guarantee when the article will be posted, but if there is a specific time at which you would like the article to appear (for example- an article about Rosh Hashana should be posted at that time!) please let us know, and we will make every effort to publish it at that time.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter!

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