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Camping in the City

It’s that time of year again – parents all over the GTA are wondering what to do with their children over the summer.

Recently, Risa Antoine and Deanna Di Lello, Summer Camp Directors with the MNjcc shared their thoughts about what they would have wanted from a summer camp when they were young, and what parents can expect from the MNjcc summer camps that will ensure their kids have a summer camp experience to remember!

Living the Active Life – Risa Antoine, MNjcc Summer Camps

Children always have an abundance of energy; as a child, I was no different. Running around with my friends all day and playing until we were called in to dinner was the norm. If a camp would have been offered that would have allowed me to do the same, while learning new skills (like gardening, cooking or yoga), meeting new people and going on field trips, I would have been the first one begging my parents to sign me up!

 Often, children attend camps which are specialized to their interests – and that’s important for those looking to enhance their skills in those areas. But there are other children who thrive in a non-competitive, play-based environment where the focus is on personal bests, action and adventure. With MNjcc summer camps, children ages 3 to 12 are encouraged to participate at their own comfort and skill level. For the youngest campers, the half-day Mini-Me camp is an ideal intro to full-day camp, nursery school or kindergarten in the fall. For the older children, a full day of activity and adventure with friends old and new is a great way to learn something new in an encouraging, nurturing environment.

 Finding Their Light – Deanna Di Lello, Co-Director, Not Your Typical Arts Camp

I’ve always been a ham.

As a child I read stories I had written to anyone and everyone. I put on so many plays that my parents installed a curtain in our basement so I could have a “stage.” I jumped in front of every camera lens. If my parents had decided to sign me up for an arts camp I would have been overjoyed. I never gave much thought to those too shy to stand in the spotlight.

During a tech run a theatre director must ensure that their actors “find their light” so they are not lost in the shadows. And so it is with our Not Your Typical Arts Camp. From July 18-22 children ages 9 to 14 can participate in theatre, dance and music without worrying about outgoing extroverts stealing the spotlight or the pressures of a final production. It’s camp. It’s a time to explore, be encouraged, to have fun and make memories.

Parents will be delighted when they hear all about how much fun their child had playing theatre games, writing songs and dancing to different styles of music. No matter what their interests, all children participating in Not Your Typical Arts Camp will have the chance to find their light.

MNjcc summer camps are filling up fast! Come into the centre today to sign up your child so they don’t miss out on a summer filled with fun, friendship, creativity and adventure! Summer Adventure and Mini Me Camps run from July 4 to August 19, while Summer Active camp runs between July 4 and July 29. Not Your Typical Arts Camp runs one week only, from July 18 to 22. For more information, visit the Summer Camps page on our website or contact Risa Antoine risaa@mnjcc.org or Deanna Di Lello deannad@mnjcc.org.


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