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Hello world!

We are the Miles Nadal JCC.

Each person that enters our doors at 750 Spadina Ave, each person that works here; at the information desk, in the fitness centre, at the Al Green Theatre, as a programmer, has a voice.  And the Miles Nadal JCC blog is where these voices come together so that you can hear the thoughts and musings that lie within each of us.

We hope that you’ll stop by often, contribute your voice, and help us enhance and expand upon the blogging experience.

Have something you want to say?  Want to write a blog post?  We invite you to share!  You can send posts to socialize@mnjcc.org.  Be sure to include a short bio and headshot! (Bio should be around 130 words.)  All posts are subjected to review and editing by the social media team.  Any changes made to your post will be sent to you for review prior to posting.  We cannot guarantee when the article will be posted, but if there is a specific time at which you would like the article to appear (for example- an article about Rosh Hashana should be posted at that time!) please let us know, and we will make every effort to publish it at that time.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter!


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